Brunch at 100 Hoxton

This is just a very (very) quick one…

I have a little recommendation for your next brunch.

It’s a really lovely, cool place on Hoxton Street, that serves up the most wondrous, healthy, spicy breakfasts. It’s called 100 Hoxton and it’s so good I’d say it’s a destination brunch spot. No matter where you travel from in London to get there (Battersea for me) it’s worth it.

I had the veggie breakfast and it was phenomenal.

IMAG1176 IMAG1180Fried eggs, spring onion hash, mushrooms, avocado and tomato salad, cress and lots of this wonderful spicy jalapeno sauce that just made everything on the plate sing.

They also had lots of other healthy, mouth-watering, options on the menu. Like sourdough toast with avocado, bream kedgeree and an aubergine salad. The boys round the table nearly all had the meat breakfast which was largely the same as mine above but with pork belly.

The sunlight was streaming in through the windows and the Bloody Marys were flowing. I also tried a sip of George’s “gorgeous juice” which was the best juice I’ve ever tasted. My life mission is now to recreate it at home…

IMAG1175The service was laid back and friendly. And there’s a big pile of weekend papers for you to choose from plonked on the middle table. I really genuinely can’t wait to go again… We’ve been recommending it to friends all weekend.

IMAG1181 IMAG1186

I will review it in depth for you next time. (Promise.)

But in the mean time, definitely give it a go for your next brunch spot…

100-102 Hoxton St, London, N1 6SG
+44 20 7729 1444

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