The Good Life Eatery

I think it’s safe to say there is now an official health food craze going on in London. Everywhere I turn people are sipping on green juice or eating homemade granola.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining. I am over the moon about this trend.


For a start, it ties in with a lot of stuff I’ve been getting into food-wise lately (more of that in a different post, I promise), but also, it means the kind of food I love is starting to become available everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

Even Pret makes kale soup these days (have you ever heard of anything more worthy sounding than kale soup?!) Plus Pret has got in on the green juice action, as in one of my previous posts.

So today I headed to The Good Life Eatery in Chelsea and jostled for a table amongst a mixture of trendy, young and (generally) monied diners. The girls next to me were bemoaning gap yah plans (seriously) and the two dressed-down private equity types opposite discussing the pitfalls of bad PAs. The funniest moment though was when a highly strung French woman teetered on the edge of rage and emotional breakdown whilst trying to order her avocado on toast (I’m not sure what was going on exactly but she continually shouted “avocado” at the saintly waiter, whilst pointing madly to other people’s plates).

Who’d have thought that people-watching and quinoa would go so well together?

P1050031-1But on to the important things. In an (organic) nutshell, the Good Life Eatery is, well, really rather good.

It serves up the kind of food that fills you up but doesn’t ever leave you feeling guilty, bloated or over-full. The interior is all earthy, with exposed brick, ricketty wooden tables and metal stools – very worthy. The prints on the wall are of beautiful californian sunsets and the lighting, with big huge windows at the back and well-placed wall lights works a treat.

P1050007-1 P1050002-1 P1050001-1

We ordered three dishes to share and a round of green juice and coffees. We had the winter slaw (Le Ginge’s choice), the sweet potato dip and the avocado on toast. Each one was deliciously fresh and wholesome.

The avocado was generously piled on top of a big, chunky piece of artisan bread, covered in lime and seasoned perfectly.

P1050012-1 P1050011-1

The sweet potato dip tasted both rich and virtuous all at once, which is always a great combination. It had hints of cumin, carrot and spice and was very, very delicious. Although one minor thing I’d say about it is that I would have preferred it not to have been served so cold – it tasted fridge cold. But that’s very minor in the grand scheme of a lovely dish.

P1050010-1 P1050017-1

The spelt crackers it was served with were also quite yummy.

And finally, the winter slaw was fresh, zesty and served with no mayo of any description – just a vinaigrette. George said he could live off it (and the way he munched through it, I could believe him).


Whilst we were there lots of people were being served up incredible-looking salad bowls. That’s next on my list for when I return (trust me I plan to come here often).

Oh, and before I forget, the juice. The juice the juice the juice. Refreshingly, this place is one of the few juice bars I’ve seen that serves up genuine green juices (ie. all vegetable) – I had the aptly named “drink your salad” and it was delicious (although I warn you, it will taste bitter if you’re used to green juice containing apples to sweeten it up). The only thing I balked at slightly was the price – around £6.50 per bottle.

P1050025-1 P1050022-1

But then you are on Sloane Avenue, and the quality of the food and drink is really good. Plus I’d rather have this food and this quality of green juice on my doorstep and within easy reach, and just pay a bit more for it, than not have it at all.

…. and besides, what’s better than a plate of really tasty food? Easy. A plate of really tasty food that’s good for you.

The Good Life Eatery,

59 Sloane Ave, London SW3 3D

020 7052 9388

8:00 am – 7:00 pm


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4 thoughts on “The Good Life Eatery

  1. HILARIOUS “The girls next to me were bemoaning gap yah plans (seriously) and the two dressed-down private equity types opposite discussing the pitfalls of bad PAs.” – Absolutely gold to read!!! I would have been a little stunned too at the £6.50 for a bottle of green juice goodness, but definitely want to go and have a taste there. Do they do take aways? (thinking of my train journeys)

    • Ahh thanks India – they def do take-aways – I’d really recommend. The people were quite hilarious. But I genuinely mean it in a kind way, we all know the type… Btw I love your new blog, it’s beautiful and a lovely space x

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