A Parisian Adventure

Oh Paris. How I love thee.

IMAG2142-1Le Ginge and I went on a very last minute trip there the other day.

We woke up on a rainy London morning and both looked out of the window at the miserable weather. It was a long weekend and we both had some time off work, so, quite on the spot, we decided to pack our bags, get into the car and drive somewhere. We finally settled on Paris as we were heading out of London.

It was quite exciting (and romantic, actually) to just take off out of the blue.

It’s a pretty ridiculously romantic city anyway.

IMAG1732-1 In fact our trip was so last minute that I forgot both of my cameras. Quelle horreur. 

(I was very sulky for a good hour once realising.) So all photos from the trip are from my phone – sorry in advance for the dodgy quality of some of them. Sad face.

Paris is one of my favourite cities, and Le Ginge and I both lived there for a bit before we met (he during his French degree for a year and me for periods of a few months here and there whilst I was a law student and my boyfriend at the time had an apartment there).

Within a few hours we were sitting with a cup of tea in Les Deux Magots (the best place to have tea in Paris in my book) and feeling really quite pleased with ourselves…

1We were in such a silly mood that I even discovered some of Le Ginge’s party tricks I didn’t know before.


He drew some stares from the more sophisticated Parisians nearby.

We wandered through Notre Dame and Ile St-Louis, settling at a pavement cafe opposite Sainte Chapelle for drinks, enjoying the sunshine poking through the trees…

IMAG1679 IMAG1673
IMAG1696 IMAG1698


After our drinks we walked along the Seine riverbank en route to the hotel to change for dinner. It was early evening and the light was beautiful. (And our stomachs were starting to rumble.)

IMAG1635-1 IMAG1643

We stayed at the most gorgeous (and reasonably priced, by Parisian standards) little hotel in St-Germain. It’s one of G’s favourites but it’s usually always booked up (it’s teeny tiny).

Luckily for us they’d had a cancellation and so could squeeze us in last minute for a few days.



IMAG2034-1(Spot the Ginge.)

It’s set in courtyard gardens just off Rue du Cardinal Lemoine and is a great little place. There’s a square 2 minutes walk away (Place de Contrescape) filled with restaurants.


IMAG1814-1Just off the square, is one of the most wonderful foodie streets in Paris, Rue Mouffetard, which has a massive food market on daily (I think it’s daily). It was described by Hemingway as a ‘wonderful, narrow crowded market street’ in ‘A Moveable Feast. How does Hemingway always find all the great places?

And also, one of my favourite parts about the location of the hotel, is that there is an adorable tea shop directly opposite called the Sugar Plum Cafe. It hosts Proud Gallery exhibitions and serves incredible chocolate cake.

IMAG2221 IMAG2217-1It’s called Hotel des Grandes Ecoles and is very reasonable. (Details below if you’re interested.)

We got home, had a quick change and a glass of wine (!) and then headed out to one of the BEST steakhouses I have ever been to. Ever. (Not to build it up too much or anything). But more of that to follow shortly…

You know, I’m becoming a fan of this spontaneity thing.


75, Rue Cardinal Du Lemoine, Paris, 75005.


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