The BEST steak in Paris

After our quick change at the hotel, we rushed off for dinner at the BEST steakhouse I have ever been to. Ever. (Not to build it up too much or anything)…


…Le Relais de l’Entrecote.

If you’re in Paris, promise me you’ll go for dinner here?

It’s so much fun and an awesome concept. Basically, the only dishes on the menu are steak and frites, and a green walnut salad to start. As soon as you sit down they bring you bread, and ask how you’d like your steak (no menus, no small talk).

We both went for medium rare (which is the same as rare in London) and ordered some delicious red wine.

IMAG1737 IMAG1748In a flash some beautifully crisp green salads arrived, coated in french dressing and scattered with walnuts.


And, very soon after that, our steak…

IMAG1759Now, my photos really don’t do the food justice. It’s partly because this isn’t a place that puts any emphasis on presentation and also because they’re taken from my phone camera during evening dim lighting. But don’t be put off – this genuinely is one of the BEST steaks I’ve ever eaten.

And the sauce is soooooooo good. It’s a sort of mustardy, meaty, umami packed gravy.  We asked our waitress to the recipe and were told it’s a closely guarded secret…

After we finished our mains the strangest thing happened.


They asked us if we wanted seconds. Yes, seconds.

George went into an ecstatic state. Really I’ve rarely seen him that happy.

We said yes – G because he’s greedy and me because I was intriguied (and also a little greedy too) – and big plates of steak and frites were brought to our table and our plates were refilled.

IMAG1756 IMAG1765 IMAG1762(A very happy boy).

We sat slightly mesmerised by the steak and enjoyed our red wine. Then, in almost perfect time, a very talented cuban musician came to serenade the restaurant. The mood was wonderful and some people jumped up from their food and started to dance.

IMAG1798-1 IMAG1776 IMAG1785

We were enjoying it so much we decided to have pudding (even though we definitely didn’t need it). Oddly, they have a dizzying array to choose from.

IMAG1774So, honestly, pudding is not their strong suite, but it was nice enough. I went for profiteroles and George picked a huge, huge, hunk of a pudding – a leaning tower of meringues interspersed with chocolate and cream. It was gargantuan.

IMAG1778 IMAG1777 IMAG1781 IMAG1784

Annnnnd, it looked a little bit phallic to be honest. There. I said it.  (Don’t think less of me please).

We giggled childishly, finished our wine, and happily rolled home feeling very thankful for our spontaneous jaunt.

(And probably a little bit merry too, judging by the state of our photography after…)


Such a wonderful evening.

Le Relais de l’Entrecote




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